Monday, February 4, 2013

Work From Home Using Fiverr is a great website that acts as an internet marketplace for tasks, custom graphics, made-to-order videos, and much more, all for $5.

The possibilities of what's available for purchase revolves around a creative seller.

These small "gigs" are micro-jobs. If you were selling something you would aim to sell something you would be able to accomplish relatively quickly, and hopefully in batches to save time and make money.

If you're looking to buy: browse through the category sidebar or perform a keyword search for what the sellers have to offer. As a buyer you're allowed to contact the seller beforehand, which is a good idea; you want to make sure the task at hand is one the seller will be able to understand and complete.

The payment transactions are handled through the site via PayPal, but the site is there to mediate, guide the buyer through providing the needed info to the seller, and resolve any disputes if they were to occur.

I recommend taking a look through what's offered and leave it at that. There might come a day when you think of a great selling idea or need a small job to be done for you.

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